Quick Thought: Be Inspired by Excellence

Quick Thought: Be Inspired by Excellence

Yesterday, my small-town hardware store offered to get on Amazon and order something for me that they don’t stock. No added fee, no markup.

“Just reimburse us for the product cost. We offer to do this for our customers so they don’t have to get on Amazon if they don’t want to.” 

Even though I’m one who will order it from Amazon myself, their offer knocked my socks off – and inspired me. When we run into this type of extraordinary customer experience, it’s important not to shrug it off as something that’s uniquely available to small, hyper-local businesses.

“Well, that was awesome. Too bad we’re too big to do things like that.” 

Instead, be inspired. 

“WOW. That was awesome. Now, how can we make our customers feel this special? How can we WOW them?” 

Maybe it’s taking more time, becoming more high-touch, or something very specific to your industry and client base. What’s important is the attitude: receptivity, readiness to learn and improve, and an open-ness to the inspiration that’s all around us.

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