Why Make Eagles Swim?:
Embracing Natural Strengths in Leadership and Life

Stop wasting time “fixing” so-called weaknesses, and start leveraging the powerful ways you’re already innately great.

Author Bill Munn says that the key to maximizing performance is already planted within us—and within everyone around us—in the inherent strengths that we often ignore or fail to recognize while we focus on overcoming our so-called weaknesses.

This bias toward improving on negatives is detrimental to how we function at our jobs and at home. We devalue our talents in part because we take our natural gifts for granted, and in part because we’ve been conditioned to focus on getting good at things we struggle with, at the expense of things we’re already great at.

An eagle doesn’t need to put energy toward improving his swimming skills, because he is already a master of flying and diving. Munn wants us to live our lives the same way. He explains, with heart and authority, how we too can find success by focusing on our inherent gifts—and by helping those we manage do the same.

This book provides:

  • A selection of oft-seen attributes (Creator, Decisive, Developer, and so on)
  • An array of tools to help readers identify unique strengths in themselves and others
  • Specific tactics and techniques to nurture one’s strongest traits—what Munn calls our power-alley attributes—and better grow and manage teams in light of the group’s overall attribute profile

With these tools, we kick unproductive habits to the curb and experience the power of our personal best.

Munn presents extensive real-world examples and actionable tools, including:

  • Insight into the power and pitfalls of each attribute
  • Deep dives into the best and worst attribute pairings
  • Tips for identifying which attributes fit with specific job functions
  • Tactics for recognizing and appreciating power-alley traits in others
  • And much more

The book offers valuable advice to leaders seeking to improve their teams as well as their own leadership skills, though all readers will rapidly discover that Munn’s techniques apply as much to their personal lives as to the growth of their careers.

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Lead or Be Led:
A Guide for Intentional Living

Imagine that the self-improvement titles in your local bookstore were more honest in their claims: “One million copies sold! (But only three lives changed.)”

In truth, this is often the case. We do a seminar or read a book that changes our perspective, and then we return to life as usual.

But Lead or Be Led takes a different approach, providing a clear, actionable road map to creating a personal vision and living a more intentional life.

Trusted by top executives and leaders nationwide, this concise and practical book is packed with unique wisdom and clear next steps for defining and achieving your goals.

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