Nurture Your Inherent Strengths via The Smart Manager

Nurture Your Inherent Strengths via The Smart Manager

We too often emphasize weaknesses, while overlooking positive traits – be it professionally or personally. This bias toward focusing on the negative can adversely affect performance, yet it has become so ingrained that we

  1. See it as a foregone conclusion, and also
  2. Never stop to consider how backward this type of thinking actually is

From a leadership standpoint, the issue here is not negativity. It’s the sub-optimized performance that the negative bias creates.

I recently wrote an article for The Smart Manager discussing how to avoid this trap and instead nurture inherent strengths. You can read it online by clicking here or check out the hard copy version of the magazine by clicking here.

Happy soaring!

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Bill Munn
Bill Munn helps executives manage teams to their greatest potential, customizing coaching plans to maximize the performance of each individual. Through strategic visioning and in-the-moment issue resolution, he motivates leadership to spur mission-driven growth. As a 22-year management-coaching veteran and former Dow 30 top executive, Bill has supported hundreds of corporate leaders worldwide with practical wisdom, real-world action tools, and unbiased insight. An MBA and former professor of finance and economics, Bill is a dynamic public speaker and author of two books.

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