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Latest from the Blog

Captain Attributes: Avengers Have Power Alleys Too

Lucky for me, my grandsons just convinced my wife that she would love the Avengers. Suddenly—after all this time—she finally wants in on the Marvel world. (Why…

Characteristics of a Leader: The 3 Pillars of Team Motivation

“What are the characteristics of a leader?” I get this type of question a lot. My answer points to the 3 pillars of team motivation—3…

The Young Generation: A Paradigm Break for Spring Break & Beyond

As spring break approaches, I find myself thinking about young people. As a coach, I hear complaints about younger generations all the time. Too many of…

Does Your Leadership Foster Innovation in the Workplace? Or Kill It Dead?

Does your company foster innovation in the workplace? I know you want to nod emphatically and assure me with a big “YES.” [caption id="attachment_22192" align="alignright"…

Quick Thought: The End-of-Year Syndrome

There's a funny phenomenon that I often make note of this time of year. I call it the end-of-year syndrome. As I've been pointing this out…

2 Years & Many Dry Eagles Later

It's official. After hearing so many of your stories, I can confirm that there are countless ways to use the power-alley attributes concept. Would a quick…

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Bill Munn Management Coaching

Bill Munn helps executives manage teams to their greatest potential, customizing coaching plans to maximize the performance of each individual. Through strategic visioning and in-the-moment issue resolution, he motivates leadership to spur mission-driven growth.

As a 22-year management-coaching veteran and former Dow 30 top executive, Bill has supported hundreds of corporate leaders worldwide with practical wisdom, real-world action tools, and unbiased insight. An MBA and former professor of finance and economics, Bill is a dynamic public speaker and author of two books.

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Client Guest Posts

Money Matters, aka Money Doesn’t Matter (Much)

By Christian Fuller Co-Founder and Chief Relationship Officer, Search Optics Client of Bill Munn Management Coaching A year or so ago, an emerging leader within…

Always There When You Need Him

By Steve Lutes VP Global Technical Services at Beam Global Spirits & Wine Client of Bill Munn Management Coaching When Bill asked if I would…

Notes from a Skeptic Turned Believer

By Jesica Bailey Director of Marketing & National Accounts, Checkers Industrial Safety Products Client of Bill Munn Management Coaching Let’s say your boss makes an…

Latest News & All-Time Favorite Posts

The 1 Trait 97% of Exceptional Leaders Share (Long before They Lead Anything)

I can quickly recognize people who will excel in leadership positions, often long before they’re anywhere near that level. I don’t have a crystal ball.…

What are my strengths? This Tool Is Your 1st Step.

"Okay, okay, I believe strengths are important...but what are MY strengths?" Friend, if you've said or thought these words, I applaud you. But if you're…

Blocking, Tackling, and the Long-Game Courage of Great Leaders

Transcript: I’m going to talk today about one of the key reasons I see that many managers never become the excellent leader that they could…

How 4 Wildly Successful People Unleashed the Power of their Problems

I’ve already promised that this follow-up post will feature some real-life examples of adversity...of actual people who have leveraged the power of a problem to achieve…

Money Matters, aka Money Doesn’t Matter (Much)

By Christian Fuller Co-Founder and Chief Relationship Officer, Search Optics Client of Bill Munn Management Coaching A year or so ago, an emerging leader within…

Not Ready Yet? I Beg to Differ.

Since I often help leaders with the hiring process – defining the goals of a role, interviewing candidates, choosing a person who seems to be…

Spin vs. Sorry: How to Mess Up Well & Become Authentic via Great Leadership

“It was my mistake. I’m sorry. Please forgive me." It’s important to get these phrases written down, before they become obsolete. For a few decades…

12 Customer Gifts that Outshine Partridges in Pear Trees

'Tis the season for getting inundated with fruit baskets, coffee mugs, and drab holiday cards from anyone whose customer list you've managed to land yourself on in…

Nurture Your Inherent Strengths via The Smart Manager

We too often emphasize weaknesses, while overlooking positive traits - be it professionally or personally. This bias toward focusing on the negative can adversely affect performance, yet it has become so…

The Attributes Academy

The Attributes Academy is an online course designed to help you unlock the potential of your personal best – and teach you to recognize and leverage the inherent strengths of others. It’s teaming with in-depth video lessons, takeaways, and tools that will vastly improve the way you invest your time and energy for more powerful, effective results.

The Attributes Academy will help you identify your own natural strengths, recognize the inherent attributes of others, and leverage all that insight into powerful growth for your teams, your career, and even your personal life.