Spin vs. Sorry: How to Mess Up Well & Become Authentic via Great Leadership

Spin vs. Sorry: How to Mess Up Well & Become Authentic via Great Leadership

“It was my mistake. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

It’s important to get these phrases written down, before they become obsolete.

For a few decades now, the popularity of “spin,” with its tempting save-face claims, has elbowed out the use of a simple, honest apology.

But here’s a fact: things go wrong. Companies make blunders. People mess up. And some of those little oops moments create big ripples. The law of unintended consequences is constantly in effect.

So the variable isn’t whether or not things will go wrong. It’s how you’ll deal with it when they do.

I recently wrote a guest blog post on GreatLeadershipByDan.com on this topic. Click here to read it now – I think it’s a very important concept for all of us to consider.

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Bill Munn
Bill Munn helps executives manage teams to their greatest potential, customizing coaching plans to maximize the performance of each individual. Through strategic visioning and in-the-moment issue resolution, he motivates leadership to spur mission-driven growth. As a 22-year management-coaching veteran and former Dow 30 top executive, Bill has supported hundreds of corporate leaders worldwide with practical wisdom, real-world action tools, and unbiased insight. An MBA and former professor of finance and economics, Bill is a dynamic public speaker and author of two books.

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